Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Driving Barbies Smoke Screen... :)

The media's fascination or just quick fix ratings continues with
the ongoing saga of the imploding Barbies. Britney fights for her
kids as she faces hit & run charges from an August incident. With
all the DWI's & DUI's that these young women have racked up in
the past few years, isn't it time to get them off the road before
they kill themselves or some innocent bystander? No wait, that
can't happen @ least until November Sweeps.....Haven't Paris,
Lindsey & the gang ever heard of a limo service if they have to
drink & drive? They certainly have the $$. How we seem to love
media frenzies to keep us from dealing with what's really
happening in our World....Sadly more to come....


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