Sunday, May 27, 2007

P-Town Kick Off! 2007

Well, my Darlings, another summer has kicked off! P-Town was
jammed with women last weekend. Memorial Day Weekend
belongs to the Lesbians. Stay tuned and we’ll see what the men’s
circuit parties bring over July 4th:)

It made my heart happy to see to many lovelies in all age groups
heights & sizes. With the price of the rooms down there & the
regime of the Inn Keepers with their 5 night minimums I heard
there were places rented with 20 gals in a condo!!

I remember a time when you could rent a guest house room
for under $100 with no minimum days required. Ah, some
things change but it’s wonderful that the tea dance @ the Boatslip
seems to be timeless! Blog HP

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hotties Summer 2007 :)

Well, my darlings, another summer has kicked off!
P-Town was jammed with women Memorial Day Weekend.
The guys were in like the fleet over July 4th !! :)

The bikes lined up @ the beach....
Every bike represents another hot guy!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why are Americans Afraid of Gay Marriage?

It all comes down to the fear factor. What do we fear the most?
That we're about to run out of oil? The fear of not being able to
define ourselves by the cars we drive? Facing the fact that bigger
isn't better. The houses we bought @ those great interest rates
are losing their value by the day. Or the reality that the grocery
store is becoming like gas prices. Every time you enter the store
the price of every item has gone up. Instead of facing our fears &
addressing these issues let's focus all this energy on gay marriage.
Why should tax-paying, loving Americans be denied protections
& rights for their families just because they're gay? It makes no
sense & it's unconstitutional. This is why the
Supreme Courts of
Massachusetts & California ruled as they did..

Just In: McCain on Ellen Show...:)
For More Info About Gay Marriage View Our Trailer ...
Check OUT our Article in On Top Magazine....:)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Aussies Create New 2nd Class Citizens...

Well they did it. The Aussies established new 2nd class citizens.
Gay couples will continue to be denied marriage & adoption
rights despite the government's decision to remove a number
of commonwealth laws that discriminate against gays. The Aussie
government passed the legislation to parliament Friday to amend
more than 100 areas of commonwealth law including tax breaks,
social security & health care. They’re also addressing kids of gay
couples to ensure that they’re not disadvantaged because of the
structure of their families. Attorney General Robert McClelland
said "the long-overdue reforms would legally recognize same-sex
couples but not recognize same-sex marriage." For More Info...
This a tough one.... Maybe a step in the right direction but when is
being denied basic civil rights like marriage & adoption acceptable??
More info on Aussie Marriage Equality... Updates to come…
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage