Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CA Supreme Court & Gay Marriage ...

The California Supreme Court heard proceedings on the gay marriage
debate. The state's highest court heard the legal challenge in
San Francisco, where the west coast gay marriage battle began
4 years ago. Remember? When Mayor Gavin Newsom issued marriage
licenses to gay couples like to Rosie & Kelli. :) It was in 2004 the year
gay marriage became the law in Massachusetts. Well it's interesting
that one of the main arguments was the fact that we have gay
marriage here in Massachusetts & we haven't fallen off the earth
into the ocean or anything like that. :) We're rooting for you
California!! Updates to come.....

A little history: San Francisco city officials & civil rights groups
challenged California's ban on gay marriage, arguing that it deprives
gay couples of the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.
Which it does...

Then there was a divided state appeals court in 2006 which upheld
the state ban on gay marriage, overturning a San Francisco judge
who declared it unconstitutional. Which of course, it is..... :)
The justices must rule within 90 days of arguments.

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Blogger wep601 said...

I remember it well! It is the event that sparked Multnomah County in Oregon to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses as well! We had a full fledged valid registered Marriage license for a little more than a year... then the voters "nullified" it. Hmm... my scrapbook still thinks it is real! ;-) This week we had the chance to take advantage of Oregon's new Domestic Partnership law. Great stuff! But still only recognized IN Oregon.

February 8, 2008 5:03 PM  

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