Friday, May 16, 2008

California Embraces Gay Marriage :)

These are amazing times! We know that in the weeks to come &
maybe even months Californians will be confronted with a lot of
issues that they'll have to address & work through. Just stay strong
& patient..... Now Start Planning Your Weddings!! :) Check it OUT
Ellen & Portia Are... Friday @ OUTTAKEonline we headed to the
Massachusetts State House to formally begin the celebration of our
4th year anniversary of gay marriage. When our Supreme Court
ruled in favor of gay marriage in 2003 the court ordered the State
to get our towns ready for May 17th 2004 when gay marriage would
become legal. Since then thousands of gay couples have married. :)

Statement from Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin: “Like many
Americans, I’m elated by today’s California State Supreme Court
ruling that laws excluding gay & lesbian couples from the right to
marry were unconstitutional. There will be more legal & political
challenges ahead as we continue our march toward full equality for
all Americans. But today is a day to savor the moment & recall what
Dr. King often preached, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but
it bends toward justice.” More Info & Read Decision...
California became the 2nd State in America to make gay marriage
legal!! Now gay couples can marry in California & Massachusetts if
they choose. Thanks Equality California, Lambda & everyone else
who worked so hard to make this possible. BRAVO!!
Updates to come...:)Archive Info on Ca Supreme Court Case......
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage


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