Monday, August 25, 2008

Change We Can Believe In??

Senator Ted Kennedy's emotional speech @ the Dems Convention
actually included a reference to our LGBT Community. He said,
"Barack Obama will close the book on race, gender, group against
group, straight against gay. Barack Obama will be a commander
in chief that will ensure that our fighting men & women will be
committed to a mission worthy of their bravery." Unfortunately
this speech was not covered by the networks. You had to be watching
CNN to catch it & when it was reviewed by the CNN commentators
afterwards, including Anderson Cooper, this part of his speech
was omitted from their discussion...Watch Speech.....
Michelle Obama speech @ the Dems Convention didn't include
any reference to our community even though she's been wooing
our LGBT Community for months....
She did however thank Hillary for cracking the glass ceiling in
receiving 18 million votes in her bid for the Presidency while a
petition circulated on the floor to nominate Senator Clinton.
Watch Speech... The next few days should be interesting.....:)
There's been so many comparisons of Michelle to Jackie....
Hmmm.....:) Updates to come....
Monday the Dems began what will be an eventful Convention. :)
We spent over a year listening to Obama's camp telling us how
he stands for change. Picking Senator Bidin as his running mate
was the best move he could make next to choosing Hillary.....
However this entire campaign is becoming a bit of a mid 20th
century retro flashback. Like John F. Kennedy picking Lyndon
Johnson the junior Senator from Illinois selects the seasoned
Senator from Delaware.....:) Updates to come......
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