Friday, December 5, 2008


OUTTAKE Media has launched a new site: OUTTAKE VOICES™

Massachusetts is ground zero for gay issues effecting this country
& globally. OUTTAKE VOICES™ provides a series of audio interviews
produced by Boston-based OUTTAKE Media. This innovative series
provides informative & intimate interviews with global LGBT leaders
& their allies, hosted by Emmy Award Winner Charlotte Robinson.

Our first interviews include: Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin,
Neil Giuliano President of GLAAD, Charles Robbins, CEO of
The Trevor Project, Lee Swislow, Executive Director of GLAD,
Reverend Richard Emmanuel & from the entertainment industry:
Alan Ball, Oscar/Emmy winning Visionary & Canadian Rock Icon
Carole Pope who discusses her fabulous career & love relationship
with the legendary Diva Dusty Springfield.

OUTTAKE VOICES™ provides crucial civil rights information &
addresses issues that effect our LGBT community including: Marriage,
Parenting, Religion, Hate Crime Legislation, Equal Rights in the
Workplace and the Military. It’s Time to Connect the Dots….
OUTTAKE VOICES™ Bridging the Gaps…. Check it OUT...:)
View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


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