Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vermont About to Legalize Gay Marriage :) 3/09

JUST IN: Vermont's Republican Governor Jim Douglas to veto
the gay marriage bill. Override Tuesday April 7th
Contact the Homophobic Governor & Express Your OUTrage!
Vermont is closer to becoming the 3rd state to make gay marriage
legal. State Senators spoke eloquently about why it's important
that their gay & lesbian neighbors share the rights as heteros do.
The Senate voted for gay marriage 26-4. Next it goes to a House
committee & then the full House, which also has a Democratic
majority & is likely to pass the bill. Updates to Come….:)
Check OUT our interview with David Aronstein addressing
Gay Marriage & LGBT Aging Issues @OUTTAKE VOICES™
The New Hampshire chamber voted 186-179 to send a gay
bill to the Senate. Updates to Come......

View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


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