Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congresswoman Baldwin & Gay Healthcare

Tuesday Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin introduced the Ending
Health Disparities for LGBT Americans Act (ELHDA), the first
comprehensive approach to improving all areas of the healthcare
system where lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT)
Americans face inequality & discrimination.

“Our current healthcare system fails LGBT Americans on many
levels,”said Congresswoman Baldwin. “Although we have ample
anecdotal evidence of these disparities, the federal government
lacks even the most basic data on sexual orientation & gender
identity & health. This bill invests in research & takes critical steps
towards improving the health of LGBT Americans & their families,”
Baldwin said.

In addition to investing in data collection & research, the bill
establishes non-discrimination policies for all federal health
programs, provides funding for cultural competence training for
healthcare providers, extends Medicare benefits to same-gender
domestic partners, creates a new office of LGBT Health within in
the Department of Health & Human Services, provides funding for
community health centers who serve the LGBT community.
Updates to Come....:)
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