Sunday, November 8, 2009

House Passes Health Care Bill...(Audio)

The House of Representatives voted to pass their health insurance
reform bill. “The Affordable Health Care for
America Act, marks the
first step toward ensuring health care for
all Americans,"
said Rep Tammy Baldwin (Wis-D).
In this exclusive audio interview Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin
explains America’s Affordable Health Choices Act in comprehensive
language we can all understand....
The plan for health care reform promises to lower costs, provide
better care & keep our insurance industry competitive & fair for
all consumers. In this unique format, questions were submitted
from across America by Huffington Post Citizen Journalists
expressing their concerns on how this bill will effect their health
insurance needs. Baldwin is one of three openly gay members of
Congress, the others being Barney Frank of Massachusetts and
Jared Polis of Colorado. Updates to Come...:)
Interview Conclusion: Congresswoman Baldwin's LGBT Forecast


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