Sunday, January 17, 2010

Senate Candidate Scott Brown Exposed

1/20/10 UPDATE: Wake Up America, The Dems Need a Plan
Scott Brown will say and do anything to fulfill his personal,
political agenda, even poising in the nude for this Cosmopolitan
centerfold circa 1982. Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of Massachusetts
Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus stated, “Scott Brown has voted
consistently against the LGBT community throughout his entire
career in the Massachusetts legislature. His has not been an
incidental opposition. He has voted against us loudly, proudly and
unequivocally. Unfortunately, most people don't realize just how
bad his record is:
-He voted over 25 times against marriage equality, even when 3/4
of our legislature and many MA Republican legislators stood with us
- He doesn't support the Transgender Civil Rights & Hate Crimes bill
- He opposes repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
- He opposes repealing the "Defense of Marriage Act"(DOMA)
- He has ridiculed LGBT parents as inadequate
- He supported anti-gay policies of George W Bush & Mitt Romney
Martha Coakley's record on LGBT issues is the opposite of Brown's.
Coakley has stood up for the LGBT community at every opportunity:
-Coakley filed the first national lawsuit against the federal DOMA
-Coakley supports repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell"
- Coakley supports passage of the Employment Nondiscrimination
Act (ENDA)
-Coakley supports Transgender Rights
-Coakley supports repealing the federal DOMA
-Coakley supports across-the-board equality for LGBT families
Martha Coakley has played a leadership role on LGBT issues in
Massachusetts for many years. The LGBT community cannot
afford to lose the most pro-LGBT seat in the U.S. Senate to
someone who has no respect for our lives or our families. In this
special election, turnout will make a huge difference. We urge
everyone supporting equality to vote this Tuesday and to please
encourage their friends and family in MA to do so as well. Turnout
will determine the outcome of this special election. It's in our hands.”

Watch President Obama Endorse Coakley


Anonymous Senator John Kerry said...

The election to fill the Senate seat my friend Ted Kennedy held for forty-seven years is just a few days away and the stakes couldn't be higher. If Martha Coakley wins, she would be the 60th vote we need to pass health reform, and Ted's life's work will become law.
But what if we don't all dedicate ourselves to getting as many folks out to the polls as possible? Reform could be defeated. Her Republican opponent has committed to be the 41st vote against standing up to the big insurance companies -- and we can't let that happen. So there are two things I need you to do.
The first is to make absolutely sure you vote on Tuesday.
And the second is to call 5 neighbors in your precinct.
Share their polling location with them, and, most importantly, let them know how important their vote is for Massachusetts and for the fate of President Obama's agenda. This is a tight race, and every single vote could make the difference. Thank you for your help. Let's do this for Ted,

Senator John Kerry (D) Massachusetts

January 17, 2010 10:22 AM  
Anonymous Vice President Joe Biden said...

Scott Brown showed his true colors. Given a perfect opportunity to show where his loyalties lie -- with working families in Massachusetts or with the bankers on Wall Street who helped lead us into the mess we're in -- guess who he chose?

Even though the banks received billions of dollars from American taxpayers to prevent the collapse of our financial system, Scott Brown doesn't think it's fair for us to get it back -- when they're paying out billions in bonuses with our money.

But as President Obama said yesterday, "We want our money back, and we're going to get it."

And Massachusetts voters need to know that Scott Brown is going to do everything he can to stop our progress -- just as he'll do everything he can to stop health reform, our efforts to build a clean-energy economy, and so much more.

Martha Coakley will be a strong ally in the Senate and a powerful force for change and progress. That's why it's vitally important that you vote for her this Tuesday, January 19th -- and that you do everything you can to make sure others get out and vote, too.

Unlike Scott Brown, Martha Coakley's career has been spent taking on powerful interests. From holding corporate polluters accountable to reining in the abuses of Wall Street titans, she's been fighting for the people of Massachusetts the whole time.

And with health reform and basic fairness to American taxpayers on the line, I hope you'll do everything you can to help get her over the finish line in the final days.

January 17, 2010 10:24 AM  

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