Monday, February 1, 2010

Women Ruled 2010 Grammys...:)

Our only LGBT presence in the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards
was Lady Gaga & Elton John’s show opener. However women
dominated the show with Taylor Swift & Beyonce taking home

a combined 10 awards, becoming this year’s big winners. The
media highlight was a tribute to Michael Jackson. Carrie

Underwood, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson & Celine Dion

performed “Earth Song” followed by a moving speech by Jackson’s

children accepting his award for him. However the real show stopper

was Pink performing a Cirque du Soleil type presentation of her song

"Glitter in the Air" from her Funhouse album. She made her way down
the aisle to center stage in a white robe which she dropped to
floor in an outfit that was revealing to say the least…:)


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