Friday, December 19, 2008

Congresswoman Baldwin on DHHS Ruling

Bush has passed a Department of Health & Human Services
ruling that threatens all Americans. What it states is that
all health care workers can refuse to participate in any
procedure they find morally objectionable.......
Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin stated: "I am deeply
troubled by the Bush Administration’s latest attack on patients’
rights & the doctor-patient relationship. This refusal clause puts
ideology over health care & threatens access to quality care for
all Americans. The refusal clause goes beyond women’s health &
a woman’s right to an abortion or birth control. Under the new
regulations, a doctor may also refuse to treat a gay, lesbian,
bisexual, or transgender person. Medical care must be based on
science & the patients’ best interest, not the providers’ religious,
political, or other philosophical views. I will work with my partners
in Congress & the Obama Administration to ensure that a patient’s
health & safety are always paramount." Updates to come......

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