Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama's First Big Mistake Plays On......

It's been weeks now & Obama still hasn't dumped Rick Warren to
give the inaugural invocation prayer. It's important to explain to
Obama why millions of Americans both gay & straight believe that
his choice is unacceptable. Listen to Rev. Richard Emmanuel in an
audio-interview address this issue & more @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
Ask President-elect Obama to "Dump Rick Warren." Click on
this link from Equality
View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kate Clinton to Sage The White House....:)

Kate Clinton has a perfect event coming up on January 19th.
It’s to Sage the White House after Bush’s 8 years of ruinous
residency. Just as the priests & shamans were called in to sage
Machu Picchu after George Bush's ten minute “So You Think
You Can Dance” visit to the ruins, she says, “Let's banish those
evil spirits the night before the Inauguration of Barack Obama.”
In our exclusive audio-interview @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
Kate gives her honest & hilarious opinions of the state of our
country & the future of our LGBT community. Check it OUT...:)
View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Friday, December 14, 2007

All The Leaves Are Gone in Boston... '08

This is a Tough Time of Year....
Not Quite Winter but Feels Like it...
Getting OUT for a Walk Helps...
It Clears Your Mind of $$$ Problems...
@ Least for a Moment or Two....:)
Have A Fabulous Weekend!!
For LGBT Updates Check-OUT :

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